• http://naomirochellegarnice.wordpress.com/ Naomi Garnice

    This is great information. I didn’t know much about Vine before, but now the app download is in progress. Six-second-looping videos don’t sound that great in type, but it is a very intimate and real way of connecting. Thanks for sharing.

  • install_gentoo

    Might just be the cynicism talking, but I’m not exactly shocked that a Twitter-owned service has more shares on Twitter than a service not owned by Twitter.

  • jwwhitt

    I’d like to see a longer timeline of Instagram shares for better context. I wouldn’t be surprised if there has been a steady decline since Instagram began forcing people to visit its site to view images instead of directly in Twitter feed.

  • Matt McGee

    But from the way Topsy describes it, they’re counting how many times a link shows up in tweets. (Not how many times people look at an image or watch a video.) The Instagram link will be in the tweet regardless of whether you can see the photo there or not, right?

  • Steph Parker

    Yeah, I don’t know if this is actually as significant as we’re making it… yet. When the app was released on iOS, we were all like kids on Christmas, playing with our new toy and testing it out. So, there’s probably a lot of that.

    And, since Vine is owned by Twitter, you can view a Vine directly in a tweet. You can’t do so with Instagram (any longer), and more and more people are using Twitter’s native photo functionality vs. cross-posting. I’ll be more inclined to keep an eye on it if it sustains for weeks.

  • jwwhitt

    Right, but my point is that a lot less people (at least me, anyway) are posting instagram links in twitter because of the change.

  • Matt McGee

    Okay, got it – thx for clarifying. Hard to know what might be motivating the behavior changes.

  • http://www.movingfrommetowe.com/ KareAnderson

    … and one day there will be more stitches than vines as people discover the option of quickly adding their words, images and music, via their iPhone to create a short, shareable video https://www.facebook.com/klablab

  • http://blog.tianakai.com/ Tiana Kai

    I’m sure these numbers have a lot to do with the fact that Instagram Twitter cards are null and void. I post many Instagram pictures on Twitter, but I upload it on Twitter rather than share the Instagram link, since I like followers to see my image instantaneously rather than opening an Instagram link… I don’t like the extra step. After writing this… I see @jwwhitt has the same idea! :)