• Sean Grady

    Marketing ploy to get people to rush to download it before its taken down?

    Or cease & desist from Nintendo? I mean, those pipes look exactly like the ones in Mario games. He should have changed the shading or color of them.

  • http://flappybirdapp.blogspot.com/ Tetanos

    I think the update made the game much easier , or actually i just improved after reding some Tips & Tricks from here :


  • Josh Hamit

    The game was/is an amazing success. There must be a legal reason as to why it’s been taken down..

  • http://www.localseostar.com Kristopher Starliper

    Not even just the pipes, Flappy itself looks like a Mario enemy. The whole game feels like some weird spin-off from the Mario universe.

  • http://www.viralvideobox.com/ Chris Monty

    This guy is either a marketing genius or he’s genuinely afraid of getting sued.

  • Marketing MadEZ

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  • Sean Grady

    Totally. It took over r/gaming (a section of reddit, for you non-redditors) for about 3 days. The buzz has been incredible.