• SRichards

    I really liked this idea, though I think the impact would have been a little more effective if they’d made the faces of the planted family members more visible. In some of these shots, brimmed caps and downturned heads make it look like it might have been hard to see the person’s face even looking right at them. I think the man and his wife was the most powerful shot, because he had a direct line of sight to her and still walked by.

  • BenDoverPls

    I agree. It’s like…

    Here let me cover you up and face you the other way so nobody can see you, and see if your family can spot you.

    Kinda like playing Where’s Waldo but the seeker does not know they are supposed to be looking for Waldo.

    Even the man that did not spot his wife… I say BS. He walked by then they show his reaction to the footage, then they show him hugging her and walking away with her. Seems to me like everyone in the video was in on it.