• Daniel Kim

    Thanks for these great tips, Andy! I agree with your thoughts on collecting data through smart campaigns. Smart campaigns provide a great opportunity to attain consumer feedback, as well as continually updating the client data. This allows a business to accurately target specific demographics, and these interactive campaigns can be gamified to increase awareness for the presented incentives. However, to effectively produce and maintain these campaigns, a business must adopt a flexible and stable social CRM platform. SCRM software like GreenRope, simplify these processes by offering applications that communicate directly with the SCRM. If properly utilized and translated, the data can be utilized to influence consumer trends through predictive analytic capabilities.

  • Maximizer Crm Emea

    I agree totally with the author that social media can be invaluable for marketers when used with CRM. When the two are properly integrated this creates an extremely effective tool that saves time, particularly vital in the social media age when information is generated quickly and people are accustomed to rapid responses. CRM solutions that incorporate features such as web-to-lead forms equip businesses with this knowledge, boosting their ability to identify promising prospects and saving
    the marketing department significant time and resources.

    Anita Holley, head of marketing EMEA – Maximizer Software