• Dwayne Smith

    Great article. A case study in music marketing that artists and record companies will (attempt) to replicate for a long time to come. Oh, and to answer your question about who from 1979 is still relevant today. Tom Petty, an artist Al covered on his very first album.

  • FDRliberal

    Yep, Yankovic certainly knows how to expertly publicize regardless of the decade. From MTV to social media one can’t get away from ol’ Al for seemingly a couple of reasons:

    1) He attaches his product/name to already popular songs and stars. E.g., when Thriller came out people couldn’t get enough of it. His parodies partially filled that void.
    2) He knows how to make use of the technology and medium of the given decade. From his MTV video campaigns to his recent social media success.

    Not a huge fan, but I tip my hat to his marketing ability no doubt.

  • teedubya

    Dwayne, my good man, you are the first person to offer any other artist that has been around since 1979. Nicely done. Tom Petty. Love him.

  • http://morekeynote.com/ tpldrew

    I’m a huge Weird Al fan and it was so nice to see you pick up on his Brandscaping execution and to write about it here! This is a great analysis!
    Thanks for sharing!
    – Andrew