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    I was a big fan of Sphinn… I’m sure I’ll like Marketing Land even more.

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    Awesome, can’t wait to dig into it all!

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    Congrats and Best Wishes! 

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    congrats! and best wishes!!

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    Glad you are open and congrats and also glad to see you are using disqus now!! :-)

  • http://www.clubnetsearchmarketing.co.uk/ zigojacko

    I liked the idea of old-skool Sphinn, UGC which others could vote up and down and subsequently create discussion about. Now we’re limited to the editorial picks from staff (and don’t get me wrong, you guys are some of the best in the business) but I just feel there will be too much ‘overlap’ between search engine land and marketing land now…

    That being said, I’m sure there will plenty of great content to look forward to reading here.

  • http://www.clubnetsearchmarketing.co.uk/ zigojacko

    Yeah! Worst luck as well. Probably the comment system with the most bloated code of them all. (We scapped Disqus some time back now)

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