• Maddy M.

    Great article. Marketing automation is a great way to keep in contact with your clients. Personally, I use SimplyCast Marketing automation software for SMS purposes.

  • WesNielsen

    I like this comparison. Thanks for sharing!

    App push is certainly the new school of messaging to mobile devices and I think for brands that already have a good application, push is definitely the way to go with so much smartphone penetration. SMS marketing involves a ton of red tape when working with carriers such as high costs for leasing short codes and getting people to opt in to very specifically outlined programs (if you follow the rules) not to mention collecting something as personal as a cell # is getting more difficult as consumers grow more wary of privacy and limiting their channels for brand communication. As always though, push messages that are of value and that goes without saying for any channel.

  • http://pushlocal.com Pushlocal

    Great points Wes. We totally agree. :)