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    Business and VAT registration,TAX
    Advice,Accounting Services from UK based one of the oldest company registration

    Do you want to start your own business? Make
    sure you start it professionally. Getting your company registered is the first
    step towards establishing your business, and one of the most important ones. It
    goes without saying that you not only need a company, but also the opportunity
    to carry out regular consultations as to how the business is being run. You
    will also require a professional accountant who will be able to suggest ways to
    legally minimize tax outgoings, prepare all financial reports and submit them
    in good time, thereby avoiding the possibility of receiving significant fines.
    It is therefore important to have an accountant/advisor who will answer your
    emails within 3 working hours.

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  • Matthew Hutchings

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    Well here they come folks….Our potential last vestage of freedom and they want to take it away.
    They the government of North America I’m speaking of because I’m Canadian and we will follow of course because we have the same bureaucratic pricks growing our so called Conservative Federal government up here.
    I voted for these guys but realize the party does not matter to our elitists in charge.
    I’ve made my first 50k starting at the age of 51 which took me four years and I am getting a great handle on this online and some offline marketing in that time.
    If this is taken from me I’m not sure where I’ll go or what I’ll do.
    I’m a 56 year old white guy in Toronto and that demograhic does not get hired in Ontario let alone Toronto.
    This is actually the truth as I’ve filled out applications and have had friends do the same to work some where connected to the government(s) and the application actually asks us our ethnicity.
    As soon as you input Caucasin you are taken to another web site and told “you do not qualify.”
    True story folks.
    We have a continent full of sheeple and I’m willing to bet that the larger half of our N.A. population has zero clue about any of this. Robert Kiyosaki in Rich Dad Poor Dad said the number is actually 60% of our society does not want to learn anything new…Don’t teach me anything, don’t expose me to new information…American Idol is on.
    We do need to take this very seriously folks!
    I’m thankfull the big boys like Google and Twitter and such are in this fight because it would be done fast I think if it was up to the people.
    They’ll just run us over because that’s what they always do here in Ontario which is the best example of marxists in charge maybe anywhere in the western world.
    Commissar Dalton McDinky and his “arms length bureaucrats” simply do what they want in anything.
    I’m not shy as you can tell but too many of you online are and if you don’t help fight this by speaking up you get what you deserve.
    Sorry but grow some folks and share this story everywhere.
    Personally I’m getting ready for pitch forks if needed.
    The only growing entities are governments…and this needs to be totally reversed.
    I’m big time pissed off at this.