• http://twitter.com/gdonnini Gabriel Donnini


    Your concerns are certainly valid. You are correct in that internet marketing is in for at least a temporary “world of hurt” with these evolving restrictions and privacy practices. There are a significant number of companies who will be irreversibly affected by this, but there will also be a rise of companies in third-party markets who will jump on the opportunity to provide data to those who need it.

    The point that I was trying to make is that internet marketers are going to have to be increasingly creative in discerning user intent and using that information to better tailor their messages, increase conversions, and monitor their campaigns. 

    As the data marketers have access to shifts away from target-able keywords towards demographic profiling, ads have the potential to be more relevant to the consumer and  at the end of the day, provide a better user experience.


  • http://www.acneeinstein.com/ Seppo Puusa

    Sometimes these privacy concerns just go too far. Take the cookie legistlation in the UK as an example. Or this blocking out referrer data. The average user probably has no idea of either and is of no concern to him or her. Privacy just sounds good politically and I feel like webmasters are victims of stupid political rallying. Of course there are legit privacy concerns, but this is not.

    GWT can help a bit, but not too much. It doesn’t give you any conversion or engagement metrics per keyword. One way to mitigate the damage is to look at those metrics per landing page. Assuming your SE landing pages are fairly well targeted you can at least get some metrics per keyword group. Not ideal but better than nothing.