• DavidJLenehan

    Interesting article.  In general product life cycles are getting shorter whilst the rate of innovation is increasing. Companies like Flikr have a limited product offering that isn’t difficult to duplicate.  I feel the same is true for Instagram. Google already offer filters and sharing options for photos in Google +. Spotify haven’t really embraced social and might be left behind. The lack of Facebook integration and social play list generation/recommendations is very strange. For me this is the major problem with Spofity. It will be interesting to see if Apple offers that functionality in itunes when iOS6 is released.

  • http://ciarannorris.co.uk Ciaran

    You’re absolutely right about the shelf-life. In many ways, the thing that seems to keep products alive, is the mass of their users, and their willingness, or lack of, to move. One of the few things keeping me on flickr, though barely using it, is the fact that I’ll need to download all my photos.

  • Mass Dosage

    CBS isn’t a record label, they sold off that side of their business years ago. Do your homework first.