• http://www.altaresources.com/ Cory Grassell

    Great insights. I’m amazed by the number of companies that want, even demand, great content but aren’t willing to invest in it. Over time, this will (I hope) change course, as they realize the importance of quality content for lead generation, branding, etc. It’s vital for exposure and survival in a Web world.

    Of course, I’m biased and a bit protective because it’s my profession, something I love to do. But it’s like every other job in that there is process in play, which includes research, refining, targeting, development, editing, multichannel integration, etc. And as more realize that content will “cost” them, I’m finding that more companies want an all-in-one content developer: someone who can write, edit his/her own work, optimize, and even dabble in Web design and development.

  • http://www.indiastonecreative.com/ India Stone

    Great perspective from someone who obviously understands the shift that is taking place. Companies are just beginning to see the need to invest in content as a way to stay relevant, and publishing quality content cannot be achieved by asking existing employees to spend a few extra minutes each day writing a blog post. This just won’t do, and customers see right through it. Companies must hire a professional web content writer who understands how to speak the language of online customers and how to make that content climb up in the search rankings. This is a skill set best delegated to someone with experience in the field of web content marketing.