• http://mithunonthe.net/ Mithun Divakaran

    I have been getting ads too on my Macbook Pro! I kept wondering it was malware so I ran Avast and it detected a few ad server plugins which I removed. But some still persist. Let me check for R66T.

  • http://hotblogtips.com/ Brian D. Hawkins

    I hate to sound silly but is it possible that it’s Firefox? I just did a clean install on a new system yesterday and adware was installed with the Firefox browser that appeared in Firefox, Chrome and even my Android smart phone. I didn’t check the permissions close enough and allowed the ads.Banner ads were even showing up on Facebook photos while using Chrome. I also had an issue of new apps being installed without permission on my phone. Very frustrating. Anyone installing a fresh copy of Firefox will see the things being added by going to the “custom” option when installing.