• Amanda Shaw

    Thanks for the great article. So true!! We always remind our clients that they need to consider a holistic digital marketing strategy.

  • http://referralcandy.com/ Samuel @ ReferralCandy

    What you wrote here is very true. Businesses that can adapt and focus on catering to omni-consumers’ needs will end up, as @disqus_bmY28piovy:disqus mentioned, having an all-rounded marketing strategy! Those who succeed in doing so earlier and better will gain an advantage against others.

    Thanks for writing this, James!

  • http://www.theavidgolfer.net/ Steffen Horst

    It is great seeing more companies adopting an omni-channel approach. While I agree with what you have written, I still feel that the article falls short by mostly focusing on the search site of the marketing strategy, with a brief mentioning of mobile. From my point of view, this article could have been great, if it would have looked at how other marketing activities can be successfully tied into an omni-channel approach.

  • http://www.brand.com/blog James R. Halloran

    Lovely article, James! So timely and relevant.

    I like what you said about using mobile to connect the dots between offline and online interactions. The reason why mobile is so prominent is because PEOPLE ARE STILL GOING OUT to the stores themselves instead of just focusing on online shopping alone.

    Lots of people still like seeing the product for themselves in person while comparing the price on other retailers’ sites with their phones. Definitely the strongest argument I learned from this is that you have to make sure you’re visible. Otherwise, they’ll buy the product at the store they visited first.

  • Magnetic

    Thanks for the feedback. What other strategies/marketing activities would you have liked to seen mentioned?

  • Drew Spencer

    This is a fantastic article. Clearly laying out some strong points for Omni Channel Marketing. I think that businesses that fail to adapt in the ways you’ve mentioned will fall to new businesses who BEGIN as Omni Channel businesses and come in to disrupt the market.