• Pat Grady

    The stats don’t lie, it’s a tidal wave. Some folks still don’t see it. Ostrichesque.

  • seventhman

    Thanks Lynn for sharing these stats – I wonder if you think that the ultimate solution to this problem with conversion is to have a responsive web design viewable on any screen size and resolution? I think it’s all about simplicity that will win you those customers-on-the-go.

  • Lynn Baus

    Yes, I totally agree. I predict that responsive design is going to become a standard best practice across the board very soon. With so many new devices flooding the market it’s an easy and scalable way to attempt to stay ahead of the mobile experience. I also believe that the way we think about content is evolving. Where I see the struggle is in understanding how to simplify the experience and how to choose and deliver the most effective content for this new way of interacting with brands. It’s a very exciting time to be in the industry for certain.