• http://referralcandy.com/ Samuel @ ReferralCandy

    That’s an interesting piece of research about weather and social media interaction, Steve! I think this is a little more food for thought than a strategy, due to the complications of, as you say, the weather of one’s followers likely scattered across the globe. Additionally, apart from the boost in interactions during rainy and summer days, the rest of the seasons don’t appear to have that much of a difference. At least, one might have more significant results from looking at other factors. But very interesting information, nonetheless!

    I think your third point about sense is very relevant today. There seems to be WAY too many of such fails this year, I think it’s really a matter of brands trying to follow what successful brands have done well, but lacking the sense of occasion. We should always take a step back and see if we’re being tactless while on the pursuit of witty copywriting and tweets.

    Thanks for writing this, and happy holidays!