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    I analyzed 20+ Apple patents and discussed with their potential payment partners and wrote this …http://letstalkpayments.com/rumors-partnerships-iphone-6-payments-now-amex/

  • independent_forever

    The bottom line is that merchants MUST have the capability which is why I don’t use it. It’s just too much of headache trying to find the devices at various merchants since MOST, if not all, still cater to the traditional physical card payment systems. They almost need some sort of a Kiosk or something that advertises this functionality so people will be comfortable using it the first few times. WHO wants to be struggling at the cash register while angry customers are behind you waiting to pay with cash or their debit/credit cards which are fast. That’s a fast way to make this a non-starter….we’ll see BUT my guess is this will fizzle too and it will only be when retailers FULLY EMBRACE these new payment options where it will become common place.