• http://socialmediadecals.com Tim G.

    We’re always looking
    for a way to bring the digital world into reality and (likewise) reality into
    the digital world–QR Codes make this easy (for many of those reasons you’ve
    outlined in your article). I fully expect “beacons” to be a part of the
    next wave–costs and a standardization of communication will the barriers for success.

  • http://www.aisleside.com/ Mike Templeton

    You bring up an interesting question, Greg. While I think both QR codes and Bluetooth beacons are getting at the same thing (to some degree), I still see very different use cases for each. Administering QR codes on in-store signage is much more cost-effective, plus it’s just the right amount of technology for the job; using a beacon in that instance is probably overkill. Beacons are certainly hot at the moment, but most of the fervor is coming from discussions about what’s possible, not necessarily widespread in-store implementations.