• ngyikp

    It’s a pretty unfair comparison though:

    Section 1:
    He’s comparing Mentions’ news feed vs Pages Manager timeline view, which have totally different purposes.

    The timeline view on Mentions is on the fifth button, and Pages Manager has Pages Feed at the second button.

    Section 2:
    OK, only Mentions has the mentions section, and only Pages Manager has access to private messages and the graphs. But again, this is not a good direct comparison.

    Section 3:
    Pages Manager doesn’t allow you to post with location (it seems), but the emotion feature *is* available. The Mentions app adds location and Q&A.

    Section 4:
    Notifications are available at Pages Manager. Insights are not available on Mentions.

    Section 5:
    Finally, this is the timeline view on Mentions.

  • http://www.linkedin.com/in/joshlight/ Josh Light

    Releasing it for celebrities is a marketing move. Get a couple of endorsements from them, and they’re set to expand to other markets.

    My problem with Facebook building analytics is they are competing with other software apps/companies building tools for their platform. The downside Facebook engineers don’t consider is there is no way their competitors (Twitter) will let them have access to their API. Meaning even if a Facebook app is the greatest one in the world it won’t be able to compete against another app that integrates with G+, Twitter, and others.

    Waste of resources…