• Jeremy Toeman

    So 1 in 3 of ALL Breaking Bad viewers made an update on Facebook or Twitter during the show? Doesn’t that sound… a little high… to you? By that logic we should all have been utterly deluged with updates on our various social feeds. I don’t think this passes a sniff test personally.

    Not to say it isn’t happening at all, of course, just that the numbers seem off the charts compared to viewership…

  • RedLeader

    I never watched the show, because with serialized shows like that, once you fall behind you have to get it on Netflix or DVD to catch up.

    However, my Facebook feed was deluged by Breaking Bad updates and watch party mentions from a lot of my friends and acquaintances on there. I’m not very active on Twitter, so I could understand missing updates on that channel.

    My $0.02, FWIW.