• Eyal Shalev

    I think their android design team use iPhones.

    Though it looks better than before, almost none of the android design guidelines were kept :-

  • Jason Hughes

    I’ve added a help page here: http://quigger.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/new-facebook-android-app-and-sorting.html

    It describes how to make a short cut (favorite) to the Recent News

  • Ran Sheinberg

    the “most recent” option simply does not exist in the menu for me. it’s just not there. and from looking at many reviews on play store, a lot of other people are experiencing this issue. what could be the reason that the option simply does not show up?

  • Corey Tess

    I hate this news feed order by to stories thing. I miss a lot of stuff because of it. They dying even make it easy or intuitive to change to most recent.

  • Robert Louis Darcy

    boohoo!! get over it