• http://rizzn.com Mark ‘Rizzn’ Hopkins

    Seems a bit staged. Never seen a Skype connection with that good quality video.

  • http://www.spillerena.com/ Serena
  • http://www.22by4.com/ Sundeep Reddy

    Doesn’t matter whether it was staged or not… It’s the truth…

  • http://www.adrants.com Steve Hall

    Well of course it’s staged. All types of these marketing pranks are staged in various ways. It doesn’t mean the actual applicants were in on the stunt. And the message is still an important one. And this was a great way to deliver it

  • Sachi Mohanty

    Viral video marketing campaign success No. 3.

    No. 1 was the “20 strangers kissing” video and No. 2 was the Game of Thrones and House of Cards mash up.