• Dave Rowe

    Great article Shelley! I’ve seen a lot of success using site retargeting for many of my clients. Great insights into mixing and matching audiences, I can’t wait to try some of your strategies.

  • http://www.retargeter.com/ Caroline Watts

    Great article, Shelley!  Retargeting, as you know, is an incredibly powerful and versatile tool.  One great way to think about its many potential applications is to consider how you can apply retargeting throughout the conversion funnel.  

    For example, someone who has visited only the main page of your site could be a great candidate for a general branding campaign.  Someone who has visited your products page, or even added something to a shopping cart, is a little further down the funnel.  For this user, it may be more appropriate to set up a more specific, targeted campaign.

    You can also use retargeting to bring past customers and back into the funnel.  One great technique for this type of campaign is email retargeting, which shows ads to users who open your emails.

    (Full disclosure, I work for ReTargeter, an online ad platform specializing in retargeting.)

  • http://www.ryancharleston.com Ryan Charleston

    As always, great insight on retargeting Shelly! We’ve been doing some pretty amazing things here at FetchBack (www.fetchback.com) too, focusing on quality display impressions with dynamic creative HTML5 ads, sequential retargeting uniquely across multiple networks, DSP’s and exchanges, and so much more. Internal and 3-partry data both indicate search lift and various branding benefits from a well-planned display retargeting campaign. Our development and design team is now pushing display retargeting into new frontiers so it’s definitely an exciting time to be leading in this space.

  • http://www.selfstorageinvesting.com Self Storage Investing

    Good article Shelly! I don’t think enough people consider retargeting while taking their current campaigns into consideration.