• http://glennjimerson.com/ Glenn Jimerson

    I’m with you on this one. The techie side says, this is easy, just write your own scripts to handle this stuff but most companies/agencies should outsource this. Remove IT from the equation increase Marketing’s control. It’s a win overall.

    By the way, it’s nice to see technical topics like this on one the site. It’s nuts and bolts stuff like this that often gets overlooked but can generate a lot of benefit.

  • Dax Hamman

    Thanks Glenn. I am seeing some companies where this a Chief Digital Officer who often is the combination point for Marketing and IT. In those cases we find great collaboration and shared goals that at least make the discussions easier.

  • Reykjavik

    I’d add that there are a number of new entrants to this space since the Econsultancy report came out. Mezzobit, for instance, offers a free tag management platform that handles both synchronous and visual tags, unlike Google, as well as providing privacy notices and geotargeted rules. They also have regular data audits by a non-profit to make sure TMS data isn’t being mishandled.

  • Dax Hamman

    That’s very true. There were a lot when I searched and it was hard to understand who was real and what was vaporware. I thought the Econsultancy report was a decent start. I welcome additions in the comments though, like yours. Thanks!