• Pat Grady

    Clean, modern, and the shape / size of the letters is onomatopoeia-esque. I like it!

  • Rihtar

    What is it with corporations and spending big bucks on graphics that someone would make for them for few bucks?

    This new logo might be modern, but it sucks. Previous one was better in my opinion.

  • Drew Rigler

    I understand the need for companies to update their logo. Yahoo did have a very “90’s” logo, but this misses the mark to bring it to feel “now”. Seriously, the Photoshop bevel, the too thin text. Missed opportunity for something memorable and remarkable, this just screams “I downloaded PS5 from a torrent last night and look what I did!”

  • Ben

    Looks like they changed the G+ photo to the new logo, but still not Flickr. Also, their Youtube page has their old favicon, although I think the new favicon is worse. The investors page only changed the main logo on the top left. It’s funny how they didn’t bother to announce the new logo on G+ either.

  • collegetalks

    I cant call this a logo. Someone just timepassed with bad photoshop skills.