• Pat Grady

    “Is It Next On Microsoft’s “Scroogled” List?”
    Melissa will scroogle them back! And it’ll hurt.

  • http://www.silvar.net/ Miguel Silva Rodrigues

    This controversy is nonsense:

    Unless you have your own mail server, your emails are already stored in some company’s database/datacenter. Scanning for ad-targeting is harmless, unless it’s used to build a permanent profile of the user over time. *That* is a different ball game.

    The real issue is how much you can trust any given company with your emails…

  • roselan

    1. Microsoft partially supports yahoo search, I doubt they will get nasty with their partner
    2. Microsoft scans mail too at least for spam/malware detection.
    3. Microsoft doesn’t do targeted ads because for now it costs them more (in server resources) than the difference in price of targeted ads

  • Malcolm

    why not put webmail blocker if you use mozilla or chrome? My email has no ads