Who still uses yahoo mail?

  • Samuel Clemens

    I still do (besides my gmail account), because it has some great features.

    Example: nowhere else I could find an easier way to set up a disposable mail account with its own set of parameters (name to display, filters, etc.). It’s VERY handy whenever some web service requires me to subscribe via mail validation. By doing that and setting new accounts, I can easily see how companies treat my personal info according to their own privacy rules.

    And it gives me 1 TB up there.
    For free.
    Not bad!

  • Neel Gupta

    So you want someone else to read your emails to you? …like an audiobook ?

  • Neel Gupta

    I do. I have both Gmail & Ymail
    But I don’t use any M$ related cloud services.
    Also, going to install Ubuntu 14 on my windows 8 computer.
    Good to stay away from the controlling mechanisms of M$.

  • Flowergrower

    So true! I do exactly the same, plus that at the same time, I run rules to automatically forward everything from YMail to GMail, so I can handle everything from one account :-)

  • aditiverma

    I hate to be that person, but Mr. Sullivan, you’ve most likely heard back *from* Yahoo…

  • Larry Moniz

    It’s not bad enough that various government agencies, including the NSA spy and violate our privacy? Do we really need companies like Microsoft also probing all our habits and coversations? Frankly it sounds more like Mr. Putin’s former employer than Bill (honest, I’m giving all my greed-earned money to charity) Gates.

  • Larry Moniz

    Really? Yahoo only ranks two or three in number of users. That’s who.