• Pat Grady

    Giving people who abandoned something the chance to reclaim it before the scammers dig for old passwords (passwords many people likely still use) is a very bad idea from a security perspective. When you abandon something, you forget about it, it is lost to the original owner. Y’s solution here assumes the opposite. This is going to be Melissa’s first black eye. Stupid move Y, be better to rebrand to a new domain name (yes, it’s that stupid). Start a new generation of names, that start with a hashtag or something. The number of people who have abandoned a Y account is too large to make this move, imo. Hey Y, next time, stay popular, you’ll largely avoid this problem.

  • Z Dollaz

    They’ve already done this non-publically for years. I’ve personally gotten alerts that mine will expire due to inactivity. I used to steal cool AIM screen names as a kid by registering the recycled Yahoo and Hotmail accounts they had been tied to and requesting the password, then changing the email to mine.

  • Alex

    Yahoo is cheating us, now over mid-August but no one got Yahoo Wishlist links to reset inactive account.