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    We spoke with one of the affiliates involved with this, as well as a major affiliate network. Here are some additional updates:

    – Within the network we spoke to, any cookies from this coupon affiliate will be overridden by other affiliates’ cookies (if present). That means this affiliate shouldn’t be able to poach commissions—at least not on this particular network.

    -As mentioned above, the coupons placed on Ticketmaster.com have been taken down. The affiliate attributed this to an error in a legacy system that it no longer uses. Interestingly, a coupon popped up when we last visited Ticketmaster.co.uk—redirecting to tmdeals.co.uk. TM Deals is owned by Ticketmaster, however.

    -We’re still unsure how aware the merchants are of this. The affiliate network and affiliate assured us that this is standard reporting, but some of the merchants we work with have found this surprising.

  • Matt McGee

    Good to hear all this, thx for the update. Interesting story….

  • http://BrandVerity.com/ BrandVerity

    Absolutely! Your coverage of this rather complex case is appreciated. Some details are still unclear, so we’re happy to fill facts in as we learn more.

  • http://twitter.com/sunshinetricia Tricia Meyer

    This is going to be a customer service nightmare for customers who shop through rewards sites (Mypoints, eBates, Sunshine Rewards, etc) because they are going to expect to continue to get their rewards from the loyalty sites that they clicked through and will not get those rewards if they click on any of these coupons and have the cookies overwritten. The customers are going to be complaining to BOTH the loyalty sites and the merchants when they do not get their rewards. I’m going to try to inform my Sunshine Rewards customers about it, but I’m sure that it will still happen.

  • http://www.facebook.com/vinnyohare Vinny Ohare

    If there is no disclosure between someone getting compensated by showing the ad doesn’t this make Yahoo a target for the FTC for deceptive practices?

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  • http://twitter.com/sunshinetricia Tricia Meyer

    I’m guessing that it would not because they are not endorsing anything. The coupon is just an advertisement. The deceptive practices guidelines seem to mainly target endorsements rather than the compensation itself. I understand that McAfee is doing something similar now.

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