• daysendlight

    Very revealing interview. My observations
    A. She actually had to get a list of the top ten things people use mobile devices for…
    Is she really that ignorant that he didn’t know those things for years ! Also, she lays out current trends that are applicable to her biz. I get that, that’s smart.. That’s the kind of thing you go over in an initial interview though… She shouldn’t be thinking how we monetize current habits though.. That’s exactly how you stay (as will Ferrell would say) “fourth place”. You have to innovate then and through that innovation ( a news app is not innovation).. You become one of the new habits… Yes people play games on mobile…. But only because someone first invented a game for mobile…. Yes people watch movies on mobile… Mainly because Netflix and apple created that market..

    I certainly like her compared to the other horrible leaders at yahoo… But from this interview it’s clear to me. She’s not a true innovator. I see yahoo growing in mobile… But I don’t really see them having a breakout moment… This interview clearly brings that point home

  • http://www.facebook.com/HonestMohammed Mohamed Baqer

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  • Nexusfast123

    So much missing and so little real grasp of how the real world works. Personalisation is pointless without multiple contexts. Also the current social media business model is a dead end as drilling into masses of unstructured data is a waste of time. Only large structured data sets are meaningful – human genome for instance.