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    I really like the pros and cons you have laid out for Yelp and Foursquare. You might find this article on Yelp useful… When Yelp can’t help – http://blog.locish.com/when-yelp-cant-help/

    You also state that “Most of us rely on word-of-mouth or some heavy Google searches.” well this is about to change! What is you could ask like-minded people for real-time recommendations on new places to eat, drink, and have fun? Locish is Coming soon! http://bit.ly/Locishcom

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    Hey Aaron, interesting article with good coverage of the pros & cons, but there are a couple critical items that should be included. First, Apple has deeply integrated Yelp into iOS such that Yelp delivers local business search results via any search initiated by Siri. So it’s really important that businesses manage their presence on Yelp in the context of local search. Yelp additionally feeds data into Yahoo search, which is not an insignificant search property according to ComScore. Next, FourSquare has achieved significant milestones in establishing big partnerships, most notable with American Express, Visa and MasterCard, that subsidize merchant offers for the end user, making FourSquare a relevant avenue for discounts to their subscribers.

  • aaronstrout

    Great points… although most recently I think the Yelp/deep iOS integration is more of a trump card than 4sq’s credit card partnerships.

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  • http://www.erikwennerstrom.com Erik Wennerstrom

    Interesting post. I would say Yelp should be the focus of businesses, this is based on how I use the two. I always use Yelp to find places when I travel for work or even when away from home at one of my kid’s sporting events and looking for some place to stop. I only use Foursquare to check into places I am already at, not to find places. This is probably due to the point you raised about it’s early focus on gamification. I wonder how many other folks use the two the way I do. However, based on this post, I will start using Foursquare to find places to see if it works as well for me in that regard as Yelp.

  • http://www.libertyjobs.com Kofi Scott

    You should also note that Yelp is the preferred source of reviews for online ordering sites like GrubHub, Seemless, and Ehungry. They are most likely attracted to the fact that they have lengthier reviews. An interesting trend consider a majority of these businesses tailor their services to the “Geek” consumer.