• Mad Tom Vane


  • http://www.rankinstyle.com/ Jacques Bouchard

    This reflects a disturbing trend I’ve seen with Google’s peripheral (but extremely significant) services lately. YouTube has been very buggy as of late, Hangouts has been unreliable, Webmaster Tools’s graph reporting missed a beat a couple months back, and now this. *sigh*

  • Ruud

    Just asking : I see it so often, their own website, so your own email facility and why Gmail , not mailxxxxx.marketingland.com ??

  • Mark

    It’s completely dead on the PC, but strangely enough, works fine on mobile.

  • http://www.linkedin.com/in/chrissanfilippo Chris Sanfilippo

    Thank god DFEOJM was still up, What would you do if that site was down too? lol

  • Teresa Kuhl

    Interesting. I browse Youtube a lot, and have noticed hiccups while the videos are playing, usually during the first 20 seconds. I thought it might be my Flash player, so I updated that, but the stuttering continued. Earlier, I also experienced an outage with Gmail. Closing the browser and restarting my machine seemed to resolve that.