• http://www.brickmarketing.com/ Nick Stamoulis

    You get out of social what you put into it! A little store with a lot of personality and an understanding of their audience can make huge head ways in their community because they understand that simple social works. You don’t have to re-invent the wheel every time you want to get people’s attention on social media, just give the people what they want!

  • Jason King

    Good example of how small businesses can have an advantage over larger competitors by being personable. I’m always shouting from the rooftops that Social Media helps top level the playing field between big and small business. Marketing is no longer about big budgets and fancy gimmicks but more about human interaction :)

  • http://www.marketipe.com/ Saqib Sherazi

    Great article. Social media allows for developing relationships between the business and its customers. It is a 2 way relationship in that consumers can also tell you what they like about your business and suggest ways to improve for the future.

  • Sarah Jocson

    Fantastic article! Make sure your websites is also updated with unique content on a regular basis.

  • Alan K’necht

    Glad you enjoyed the article. I love it when a business gets it right. I see far too many taking social just 1/2 way.

  • Alan K’necht

    Agree it’s a 2 way relationship. Social is not a broadcast tool, nor is just giving quick meaningless responses enough. It’s a conversation that must take place both online and offline.

    You have to listen to your customers & respond appropriately to encourage that ongoing relationship.

  • http://www.philwhomes.com/ Phil Whomes

    Great article – many of the big companies don’t get it right anyway, as I’ve posted here http://philwhomes.blogspot.co.uk/2013/08/about-10-days-ago-google-inflicted.html

  • Darragh McCurragh

    This is really a good and valuable example of social media usage done right. However: I’m still struggling to envisage the local cleaner who’s running round all over the place checking on his maybe twenty teams in various hospitals and offices, making up for unexpected sick leaves, trying to catch up on customers’ complaints, chasing new business like on the floor above from where he just landed a contract – I’m still struggling to see how he’s going to use social media and not fall behind …

  • Alan K’necht


    That’s a classic example of when outsourcing can be valuable or perhaps he needs to hire a part-time assistant to take care of some of the nuisance business stuff.

    By using Social he can turn the job he just did, in a social interaction that others see & which can turn the interaction into new business.

  • Jenifer Lamug

    Great article! Social media is very important because you get to know the feedback of your customers.