• mustafaalmsry
  • Sharad Verma

    In contrast Pinterest pins drive clicks up to 30 days and beyond. Piqora did the study for a sample of retail brands who have connected their GA with Piqora’s dashboard. http://blog.piqora.com/pinterest-pins-drive-traffic-up-to-30-days-and-beyond/

  • Rajesh_magar

    Was nice and informative. Thanks for introduced me with such great tool.

    And one little typo mistake is there in first para. You might accidentally hyperlink incorrect URL, please take care of it. Thank you!

  • Benjamin

    Hi Greg,
    Thanks a lot for referring to our blog.
    We just published a new data-oriented study where we analyze how promoting posts on Facebook impacts EdgeRank, and we present a few findings: http://bit.ly/1eawM8F
    For instance we show that even if a promoted posts gets a lot of negative feedback, Facebook won’t penalize the page.
    Let us know if you find it interesting.