• cooldoods

    Has Google announced that they will be making Google Maps available on the App store in a couple of Weeks?

    If I were Google I’d hold off on giving Google Maps to iOS and make it a great differentiator over other platforms.

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    They haven’t, but it seems likely. It’s also unlikely they’ll hold off. People who buy an iPhone 5 have made their platform decision (and over 2 million have already order them). Maps won’t win people away from iOS if they like that platform, but Google can win people on the platform to its own maps app.

  • http://policydiary.com/ John S. Wilson

    First, Google Maps on iOS was always hobbled and third party alternatives were always much better. Whether they were free like Mapquest or Telenav GPS, or paid like TomTom or the slew of others. HopStop, one of the best transit apps in the App Store, said they would be seamlessly connecting to Maps. There are a ton of options for Maps. The only real issue would be if Apple’s Maps were so bad they didn’t warrant being in the SDK devs use for apps. But I highly doubt that’s the case.

  • narg

    I wouldn’t leave iPhone due to maps. But: Maps, NFC, new plug, smallest screen in the smartphone market, Wireless charging, sub-HD resolution, smaller camera CMOS, just to name a few… The iPhone is becoming less of an option to it’s competitors.

  • Alex Murphy

    But they might hold off for a few months just so iOS users have to live with the sub-standard new Maps app for a bit, then drop a helluva lot better one.

  • Alex Murphy

    But a standalone Google Maps would not be hobbled.