Good morning, What would happen if Instagram did away with “Likes”?

Or more pointedly, what would happen to influencer marketing? Instagram has been experimenting internally with a feature that removes “Like” counts from posts as a way to potentially reduce pressure on the platform. While data-rich influencer agencies could reap the benefits of an Instagram without “Likes,” it could serve up a heavy blow to independent influencers.

Without “Like” counts as a barometer for impressions and engagement, influencers would need to shift the focus to factors they could still control, like the quality of content and volume of outbound engagement. But a lack of transparency around visible metrics could mean brands with major investments in social influence would lean more on agencies for the deeper metrics. For now, Instagram’s test hasn’t been rolled out to the public – and perhaps it never will. In the meantime, it never hurts to be prepared.

Let’s talk about managed inboxes for a minute. Last Friday, we launched a new feature series by our own Jennifer Cannon, in which we explore everything you never knew you needed to know about email deliverability. The first installment of Obsessed with: The Managed Inbox breaks down the structures and processes responsible for pushing your email campaign through the funnel and into a recipient’s inbox. We identify the pain points and opportunities in email deliverability – and even take a look at the approach from inbox providers.

Keep reading for more news on how dynamic creative can work with video-on-demand inventory, and Twitter’s new video feature that lets users invite guests into the video chat.

Taylor Peterson,
Deputy Editor

Pro Tip

Here’s how to put dynamic creative to work with video-on-demand inventory

“Dynamic creative is something retailers, in particular, are familiar with when retargeting users with specific products that have been viewed on site,” explains Laura Collins of Merkle. “But it can also be utilized for prospecting. Templates built in Google Studio can pull different ad components such as logos and show names from a feed to create multiple ad variants. These different variants can be run in rotation and optimized toward best performers over time. Or, you can layer over targeting to serve relevant ads to certain users with no manual build work. For a sports streaming service, we used geotargeting and audience segmentation to identify fans of particular football clubs and served them ads showing their team logo and upcoming fixtures. This achieved a 22% reduction in cost-per-free-trial compared to non-dynamic creative.”

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Social Shorts

Facebook’s courtroom woes

Judge says Facebook must turn over internal records. Last week, Facebook was ordered by a Delaware judge to turn over internal records on its data privacy and user data practices. The case is part of an investor lawsuit connected to the Cambridge Analytica debacle that resulted in over 50 million Facebook users having their data harvested more than four years ago. Facebook had argued the plaintiffs in the case had not stated a proper purpose for gaining access to Facebook’s internal records, but a judge rejected the company’s claim.

Twitter’s latest video feature. Twitter users streaming live video via the app can now invite up to three people as guests. The comments by the guests can be heard by everyone and guests can drop off from the live video post at any time. “Whether its #NBATwitter or #DemThrones, you can discuss your interests with anyone around the world and actually hear their perspective and reactions in real-time,” writes Twitter. The company said it is thinking about new ways it can add video for guests too.

If Mad Men were social media managers. We’re 99.9% business here, but every now and again we stumble across a non-news item that is still worth sharing. Today it’s the “Mad Men Integrated” Tumblr, a delightful collection of Mad Men gifs created just for social media managers. In the Venn diagram of social media pros and people who loved Mad Men, this site is the perfect overlap. Here’s a teaser, but you should really scroll through the entire site: Mad Men Integrated.

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