Good morning, do you think marketers will benefit from Twitter’s latest acquisition?

Yesterday, Twitter announced the acquisition of Fabula AI – a machine learning research startup based in London. With Twitter’s mounting effort to curb the spread of misinformation, the company said Fabula’s machine learning capabilities will aid in doing just that. The startup works to weed out fake news, misinformation and network manipulation. The Fabula team will join Twitter’s research group focused on natural language processing reinforcement learning, machine learning ethics, recommendation systems and graph deep learning.

Twitter’s move to integrate Fabula’s deep learning insights could be a win-win for both Twitter and marketers. By leaning on AI and machine learning to detect and curtail network manipulation, abusive content and bad actors, Twitter is aiming to provide a healthier, more reliable environment for brands to connect with audiences.

At its annual TrailheaDX conference last week, Salesforce introduced a new blockchain platform with an interface designed for non-coders. Dubbed Salesforce Blockchain, the platform aims to provide customers with a simple solution to extend business CRM data with partners in a secure way. Marketers and non-developers will be able to use Salesforce Blockchain with low-code knowledge in the platform’s simple architecture, giving them an accessible tool that can aid efficiency and streamline results.

Keep reading to see why your video ad views may not be included in your total video view counts and more news from YouTube.

Taylor Peterson,
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Pro Tip

Video ads aren’t counting towards my total views. Why?

“If you are running in-stream ads, there are a few policies you should be aware of,” explains Joe Martinez of Clix Marketing and an SMX Advanced speaker. “First, if you choose to run skippable ads, the video has to be at least twelve seconds long to count towards incremental views. If you are running non-skippable ads, like the fifteen-second maximum or six-second bumper ads, those views are never counted towards your overall view total. Keep this in mind if you ever have a client wanting to run a campaign with the goal of “boosting views.” People will see the video, but the true totals may not be public.”

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Video Shorts

New York Times calls out YouTube’s recommendation system

The problematic results of YouTube recommendations. Yesterday, The New York Times published a story calling out YouTube’s ongoing problem with its automated recommendation system. Because of the platform’s AI systems, videos containing content that could potentially sexualize children are being served up via recommendations. “It’s YouTube’s algorithm that connects these channels,” said one researcher with Harvard’s Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society, “That’s the scary thing.” The researcher was commenting on how videos with children are being recommended alongside videos that include harmful content.  

YouTube’s response to The Times. Jennifer O’Connor, YouTube’s product director for trust and safety, told The New York Times that the company has been working nonstop since February to eradicate the exploitation of children on its site. “Protecting kids is at the top of our list,” said O’Connor. YouTube also published a blog post outlining its efforts to safeguard the platform, including restricting live features, disabling comments on videos that include minors and reducing recommendations. Still, YouTube’s recommendation problems persist in spite of its efforts, calling into question whether or not the company is as concerned with problematic recommendations as it is with keeping eyes on its content.

Meanwhile, on the YouTube app. Nielsen has expanded its YouTube Mobile app ad measurement capabilities to 26 additional markets, including Belgium, Brazil, India, Ireland, Mexico, Spain, Thailand and Turkey. “Providing marketers with independent measurement of YouTube’s mobile audiences globally is a major step forward for the industry,” said Nielsen’s SVP of digital product leadership, Amanda Tarpey. Now available for a total of 34 global markets, Nielsen’s YouTube metrics offer marketers independent measurement of advertising  audiences on the platform.

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