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I’d like to start off the week by reflecting on a more serious topic around the age-old gender pay gap – an issue that’s still very much alive in marketing and social spheres whether we realize it or not.

Does it surprise you that a group made up mostly of women — social influencers — is still subject to a major pay inequity? In fact, a study from Klear influencer marketing platform reported that women make up 77% of influencers, and yet are averaging $108 less per post than their male influencer counterparts. For brands and advertisers partnering with influencers, the catch-all explanation boils down to the challenges inherent in determining influencer rates.

Complexities aside, women influencers are held to higher expectations in the types of content produced, despite being compensated less than men. As marketers with decision-making power, we need to be opening up these conversations to stakeholders. There’s likely no simple solution, but we can start by examining how we engage our community, our employees and the brands we represent – and asking ourselves what we can do to champion equality and diversity from the inside out. Some food for thought for your week.

And in case you missed it, here’s what else we’re covering on the marketing radar.

Salesforce reported a record $3.74 million in revenue for the first quarter of its fiscal year – an increase of 24% year-over-year. Saleforce’s marketing cloud and commerce solutions also saw unprecedented growth, with Q1 revenues exceeding $1 billion for the first time. If there’s anything the brave new world of innovation and digital transformation has taught martech businesses, it’s that staying abreast of advanced technologies and learning to build them into an integrated service offering is critical to long-term success. And Salesforce seems to be doing that just fine.

In an age of omnichannel connectivity, it can be challenging for teams to navigate the divide between sales and marketing. Revenue optimization teams are carving out their own space in the landscape, working to bridge the gap and reshape conversations with a cross-functional approach. The tried-and-true model of account-based marketing teams could benefit from an operationalized, revenue optimization team to help solve the challenges of accessibility, insights and transparency across departments. As marketers, being tuned into every touch point a consumer accesses – sales, or otherwise – is the key to understanding the entire journey, rather than just a snapshot.

There’s more to read below, including a new e-commerce feature Snapchat is testing that uses a “Shop” button (it’s about time, Snapchat).

Taylor Peterson,
Deputy Editor

Pro Tip

Structure your team for success

“Agile marketing is about an integrated scrum mindset, where all can collaborate and move things forward, together,” explains Joe Hyland of ON24. “Marketing shouldn’t be an assembly line, with team members waiting on others to finish their job to keep the ball rolling. That’s why siloed teams create execution gaps. So if you’re struggling to get your team all pulling in the same direction, you should revamp your team’s organization to be agile and react in real-time. Just remember that any moment spent waiting to publish is a moment where a prospect could be consuming your content. Through an always-on approach, scrappy, agile marketing allows you to build both visibility and engagement as your prospects enter the buying journey.”

“As you gear up for your second half plans for 2019, know that you’ll have to always create a general outline of priorities and initiatives. But ensure that everyone understands how much these priorities will (and should) change.”

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Social Shorts

Snapchat testing a new e-commerce feature

Snapchat is giving five of its Official Accounts (the platform’s version of verified users) access to a “Shop” button that lives on their Snapchat Profile screen. Clicking the “Shop” button launches the account owner’s merchandise store where users can browse and purchase items directly in the app.

Snap has plans to extend the e-commerce feature to select content partners in the coming months, but the current beta test has been made available only to:  

-Kylie Jenner (Kylie Cosmetics)
-Kim Kardashian West (KKW Beauty)
-Shay Mitchell (Béis Travel Bags and Accessories)
-Spencer Pratt (Pratt Daddy Crystals)
-Bhad Bhabie (BHADgood Clothing)

The in-app stores are powered by Shopify and can be accessed by finding the Official Accounts Profile on the Discover page via a search. When a user opens the profile, they’ll see the “Shop” button listed prominently on their mobile screen. The Official Accounts can also include their “Shop” in Snaps, making it possible for users to swipe on the Snap and open the store.

During this testing phase, the feature is only available to U.S. users. International users can shop and place products in their shopping cart via the app, but have to do the purchase transaction on the merchant’s website or e-commerce platform.

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