Good morning, {FirstName}, ready for more video ad inventory?

Google is extending its TrueView for action inventory to Google video partners, the company announced Tuesday. The TrueView for action inventory is already available for other YouTube video ad formats, but now advertisers will be able to extend a campaign’s reach to sites and apps on Google’s video partner network. Advertisers will have the option to opt into video partners inventory for existing campaigns, but all new campaigns will be opted-in to the inventory by default.

In a win for small businesses, LinkedIn is rolling out a new feature to give SMB owners the ability to highlight service offerings directly on their profile page. As of yesterday, small business owners with a Premium Business LinkedIn subscription and a services listing will be eligible to show up in relevant search results for those services. LinkedIn said it plans to make the feature available to all SMB owners this fall. For now, SMB service providers that fit the criteria should add their service offerings to their profile so that they appear in LinkedIn search results – which could ultimately draw the attention of engaged searchers.

Keep scrolling for more news, including video platform TikTok’s rumored acquisition of Jukedeck, why Pinterest is touting wellness content and more.

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Pro Tip

Why CMOs should care about digital policies

“Even businesses that are well ahead of the curve when it comes to developing digital policy programs tend to see them as something that applies to everyone else. However, those digital policies should apply to company executives as well as front-line employees,” cautions Kristina Podnar of NativeTrust. “These folks have legal, regulatory and fiduciary responsibilities that far exceed other employees.”

“Some areas of concern are already regulated and should be top-of-mind, like not posting information about quarterly results before the official press release (e.g., insider trading). But as the CMO, you are ideally positioned to develop policies that address your colleagues’ most significant responsibilities – not the ones that keep them from sending a Tweet that contains a typo, but the ones that prevent them from jeopardizing the company’s brand, making a mistake that could bankrupt the organization, lead to fines and lawsuits, cause shareholders to lose money and even result in jail time.”

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The third-party browser tracking cookie is dead. What’s next?

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The death of third-party tracking cookies is already here! So, should you give up on marketing and pursue your passion for painting cats eating ice cream? A new batch of more effective data sources is almost ready in the oven. Here’s a look at what’s cooking for the future of marketing.

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Social Shorts

TikTok buys AI tech, Pinterest’s latest wellness initiative and Twitter updates

Jukedeck acquired by TikTok, maybe. ByteDance, the company that owns short-form video platform TikTok has most likely acquired the AI-generated music software Jukedeck. According to The Verge, Jukedeck CEO Ed Newton-Rex, along with other employees, have changed their employer to ByteDance on LinkedIn. Also, Jukedeck’s current website only contains a homepage with the following notice: “Jukedeck is offline. We can’t tell you more just yet, but we’re looking forward to continuing to fuel creativity using musical AI!”

Pinterest adds wellness suggestions to search results. Pinterest is rolling out wellness messages for users that search for “stress quotes,” “work anxiety,” or other phrases related to stress and anxiety. The notices will encourage users to perform deep-breathing and self-compassion exercises. The company calls it, “A more compassionate search experience for people in distress.” The wellness features — or guided activities — were created with help from health experts at Brainstorm, the Stanford Lab for Mental Health Innovation and advice from Vibrant Emotional Health and the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

Twitter to give more context about unavailable Tweets. Twitter’s support team acknowledged the proliferation of “This Tweet is unavailable” notices in its feed and is working to fix the issue. According to a Tweet last week, Twitter support said the notice was usually a result of a deleted or protected Tweet, or muted keywords. “In a few weeks, you’ll start seeing more context on each notice to help explain why Tweets are unavailable.”

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