Good morning, what happens when a wave becomes an engagement?

Hands-free Motion Sense is coming to Pixel 4 devices, Google announced Monday. At first, the technology will allow users to do things like skip songs and snooze alarms by waving at their phones, but Google makes clear this is just the beginning for the new technology. 

“As future versions of the Pixel are developed, Motion Sense evolves and other smartphone makers experiment with hands-free gestures, we can expect that the features will evolve to ensure digital advertisers’ and marketers’ messages will reach consumers in interactive ways that are beyond today’s functionalities,” says Senior Editor Jen Cannon. 

Now, we get to start thinking about what mobile experiences can look like when on-screen clicks and swipes are no longer the primary tools for accruing and measuring engagement. 

Google mobile search results could also look and feel different in the future, thanks to Assistant. The company is swapping out “voice search” for Google Assistant on the home screen of Android mobile devices. Contributing Editor Greg Sterling expects Assistant will take over across Google’s browser and search interfaces. Assistant offers more robust, AI-powered capabilities — including transactional — than the basic speech-to-text voice recognition.

“Any distinction between the Assistant and what we might call ‘traditional mobile search results’ will probably disappear in the relatively near future,” Greg predicts.

Read on for a Pro Tip on using GTM to set up event tracking in Google Analytics. 

Ginny Marvin

Pro Tip

Event tracking in Google Analytics

“Events are incredibly useful in Google Analytics to track any interactions that aren’t registered by default,” explains Tim Jensen of Clix Marketing. “Some possible actions include clicks on elements within pages, scroll activity, file downloads, video views, and form submissions. To fire an event, choose ‘Event’ from the ‘Track Type’ dropdown when creating your GA tag. Next, fill in the fields with the appropriate parameters for your event. For instance, in this example, we’re tracking a whitepaper download. Our fields include: Category: ‘Whitepaper;’ Action: ‘Download;’ Label: ‘Blue Whitepaper.’ Also note the Non-Interaction Hit dropdown. By default, when set to ‘False,’ the event will count as an interaction, meaning the session won’t be considered a bounce if the user completes the associated action. If you set this dropdown to ‘True,’ a user could complete the action but still count as a bounce if they leave the page before doing anything else.”

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Social Short

TikTok Parent To Make Phones

ByteDance, the Chinese parent company of social media app TikTok, is developing a smartphone, Reuters reported Monday. It’s part of a plan to expand beyond video and news apps and comes out of the company’s acquisition of Smartisan, which had been planning a smartphone.

LinkedIn jobs posting loophole plugged, after reaching Google search results. A job recruiter exposed a loophole that allowed most anybody to post a job listing to another LinkedIn company page without authorization, and in turn, get indexed and listed on Google search results. His test case? Posting a fake job posting for CEO of Google on Google Jobs. LinkedIn said it was the result of a bug that has been fixed. 

LinkedIn is also running a test for SMBs to post some jobs for free on the platform. The company said the recruiter who posted the Google job is in that test group. 

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