Good morning, have you started thinking about advertising in podcasts?  

…Or maybe you’re doing it already. Podcasts have been around for over a decade, but it’s only within the last few years that the format has prompted brands to really explore podcast advertising as a vehicle for their messaging. In our quick-start guide to podcast advertising, we broke down some of the key factors to help advertisers get the most out of podcast ad campaigns. From the benefits and downsides of podcast advertising, to the types of ad formats and cost structures (think CPM and CPA – but for audio), advertisers are prepping for a new wave of audio ad capabilities – and we’re tuning in for you.

In the latest move toward cleaning up the programmatic ad environment, Centro announced Tuesday that it will be enforcing app-ads.txt in its demand-side platform, Basis. This means that advertisers in Basis will no longer be able to submit open market bids on mobile app inventory from unauthorized suppliers.

The app-ads.txt specification (launched by the IAB Tech Lab in March) is a text file that publishers can upload to their developer platform as a way to declare authorized to sellers of their inventory. App publishers that have made efforts to validate ad partners with app-ads.txt will likely see ad revenue growth as the industry pushes for wider adoption. Likewise, publishers that are slow to implement the standard will lose out as buying platforms, such as Basis and Google DV360, exclude unauthorized inventory.

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Pro Tip

Yes, now is the time to get your holiday email planning on track

“Most companies that depend on the fourth/holiday quarter to make plans are already deep into the season,” explains Ryan Phelan of Origin Email. “Use your team meeting to make sure you have everything that you need to be successful and avoid the usual last-minute pre-Christmas frenzy. Beyond your email templates and content, do you have the data you need? Have you submitted your tech requests? Most retailers lock down tech by Oct. 1 so be sure your request is ready to go.”

“You also need rules and processes to handle the unexpected and help you respond when panicked product managers holler, ‘Send another email!’ if sales lag. It’s hard to think about the holidays when the temperature is soaring and the beaches or mountains are calling. But all the prep work you do now will pay off in December.”

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Why every PPC manager needs to automate more

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Marketing automation is an immensely exciting opportunity for those willing to take it. For PPC specifically, it’s a chance to get increasingly clever machines to supplement our work – not replace us.

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On the Move

SurveyMonkey appoints three new execs, ad tech industry veterans join PremiumMedia360 and Nintex makes changes

Survey software provider SurveyMonkey announced the appointments of three new executives: DuVal Hicks, vice president of sales operations; Lara Sasken Lindenbaum, vice president of communications; and Denis Scott, vice president of growth marketing. “DuVal, Lara, and Denis each bring nearly 20 years of experience in their respective fields and proven leadership managing successful teams,” said Zander Lurie, chief executive officer at SurveyMonkey. “All three new hires will play a critical role in SurveyMonkey’s key priorities—scaling our enterprise sales go-to-market strategy, strengthening our self-service business, growing our international presence, and informing current and future customers about how SurveyMonkey helps organizations around the world transform feedback into business intelligence that drives growth and innovation.”

Advertising data automation company PremiumMedia 360 has brought two ad tech industry veterans aboard. Michelle Clayton has been named SVP of client services and Julie Giammattei has joined as implementation director. Clayton will initially focus on agency relationship management. She previously served as VP, strategic account director at Mediaocean, where she was managing relationships with several of the company’s largest ad agency clients. Giammattei previously served as strategic account director at Mediaocean and was responsible for relationships with owned and operated station groups, local broadcasters. “We are fortunate to attract executives with the deep industry knowledge, relationships and expertise that Michelle and Julie bring to PremiumMedia360,” said John Bowser, CEO, PremiumMedia360. “Their combined breadth of experience is exactly what we need to grow both sides of the business and I’m thrilled to have them on board.”

Process management and automation solution Nintex announced the appointment of Michael Schultz as vice president of product, channel and field marketing and Florian Haarhaus as vice president of sales for Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). As seasoned Software as a Service (SaaS) executives, Schultz and Haarhaus together bring more than five decades of experience to Nintex from previous senior roles at Microsoft, Salesforce, Oracle, DocuSign, Box and other leading SaaS companies. Nintex also announced the promotions of four senior and high-performing leaders across the business to vice president roles, including: Alistair Cloke, vice president of customer success programs; Phil Luong, vice president of inside sales; Vahid Taslimi, vice president of product for forms, mobile and analytics; and Kristin Treat, vice president of corporate marketing.

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