Good morning, do you already use the in-app checkout feature on Instagram?

Yesterday, Facebook announced it’s testing two new ad features: an in-app checkout experience for dynamic ads placed in the News Feed and the ability to turn organic shopping posts on Instagram into an ad via Ads Manager. “These new ads are based on the ways people currently like to discover and purchase products on Facebook and Instagram so the ad design and experience will be familiar,” said a Facebook spokesperson. The latest tests underscore Facebook’s effort to develop a more efficient e-commerce process across its family of apps. For advertisers on the platform, this means more options for improving the customer’s shopping experience all within a unified Facebook ecosystem. 

As marketers, it’s easy to think about email deliverability as something beyond our control, especially since gateway servers and authentication frameworks own much of the process. But it turns out, marketers have more control over email optimization and deliverability than we think.

By implementing and testing key tactics that can optimize email deliverability, your team can take control of getting emails into the customer’s inbox. Tony Patti, vice president of deliverability and privacy compliance at eDataSource, suggests incorporating “pre-flight” tests into your daily routine to ensure that your ESP infrastructure is up-to-date and ready to send for the day. Other ways to improve email deliverability include identifying the tactics that yield high engagement and routinely practicing list hygiene to ensure that subscriber data is clean and current. For more on email marketing and optimization strategies, head over to our series, “Marketing to the Managed Inbox.

Keep scrolling for more news, including what we can learn about consumer trust from the golden age of landlines, and more. 

Taylor Peterson,
Deputy Editor


We need to restore identity and trust in digital communications

I wonder what the inventors of the original version of caller ID on landlines would think about today’s various technologies and efforts to pursue trusted communications – caller ID services from carriers, apps, SHAKEN/STIR (Secure Handling of Asserted information using toKENs and Secure Telephony Identity Revisited) and a number of other initiatives. All of it is needed to regain that sense of trust and faith in the phone call and inbox that we all took for granted during the golden age of landlines and the earliest days of email. 

The complexity of today’s communications process by default demands complex solutions and industry-wide cooperation. But industry-wide cooperation is not anything new. After all, carriers and system providers cooperated in the old days of landlines, too. There may have been fewer of them, but still, the cooperation was there. I believe that same sense of cooperation exists today, too, just on a bigger scale. Caller ID, innovation, trusted communications, industry cooperation – the more things change, the more they are the same.

– Len Shneyder, VP of industry relations at Twilio SendGrid 


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On the Move

IPG appoints new COO and GM promotes Cadillac marketing lead to CMO

Philippe Krakowsky has been named chief operating officer of IPG. Krakowsky has been with the ad agency since 2002, most recently serving as the chief strategy and talent officer and CEO of IPG Mediabrands. “For more than a decade, Philippe has played a key part in major strategic actions at Interpublic that have been integral to our long-term success,” said IPG CEO Michael Roth, “He has helped me in the design and execution of our cross-agency ‘open architecture’ model that delivers the best of IPG solutions to our clients.” Daryl Lee will take over the IPG Mediabrands CEO role and Eileen Kiernan has been promoted to global CEO for UM, IPG’s media-buying division previously managed by Lee. 

General Motors has named Deborah Wahl as its new chief marketing officer. Wahl previously served as CMO for GM Cadillac where she was charged with redefining the brand’s reputation. “By aligning marketing across GM under Deborah’s leadership, we will build stronger brands while ensuring more effective, efficient and agile customer engagement,” said GM CEO Mary Barra. Wahl will report to Barry Engle, president of the Americas for GM, and her role as Cadillac CMO will be filled by Melissa Grady who previously served as the director of media and performance marketing for Cadillac. 

IAB has hired Zoe Soon to serve as the organization’s vice president for mobile. She will oversee the IAB Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence, and work with the digital media and marketing association stakeholders to solve problems, develop best practices and help generate growth across the mobile marketing landscape. “Her combination of big-picture thinking and tenure of building products in technology-driven businesses will allow our members to not only understand the broad, industry-wide changes facing their businesses, but also develop actionable strategies that allow them to succeed,” said IAB CEO Randall Rothenberg about Soon’s new role. Prior to joining IAB, Soon was the general manager of apps and email at Business Insider. 

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