Good morning, is it game-over for Apple’s smart speaker market?

At Apple’s annual keynote address on Tuesday, the company unveiled its lineup of new device offerings, including the iPhone, Apple watches, a new iPad tablet, and a slate of TV subscription options. But missing among the swirl of new announcements was any mention of Apple’s smart speaker product, the HomePod.

While the smart speaker industry still has great hurdles to overcome before it can be a critical advertising or commerce channel, the market is still seeing massive growth in consumer adoption. Advertisers are also getting in on the action, especially since owning a voice assistant has been shown to drive awareness and product purchases. But with Amazon clutching a 70% share of the smart speaker/display market in the U.S. (and Google trailing it at 25%), Apple’s apathy toward smart speakers may indicate a shift in product focus for the tech giant. Advertisers currently invested in smart speaker activations should take it as a sign to prioritize the voice platforms that are proactively innovating ways to elevate the consumer experience while bringing brands closer to the customer. 

It’s no secret that Facebook has been investing heavily in building long-lasting value for creators on its platform. On Tuesday, the company announced it is testing new features for creators and public figures, including a Collaborative Stories function, more fan engagement features, and additional ways to monetize content (such as giving creators the ability to tag products in photos and videos). In turning the focus toward some of its key stakeholders – creators and public figures – Facebook aims to expand its digital footprint in a way that goes head-to-head with YouTube as a creator-friendly platform. For creators who have long-since given up on monetizing content with Facebook, it might be time to take another look.

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Pro Tip

Here’s how generalist roles can improve productivity

“Agile marketing is all about getting the highest priority work done as a team, not resource utilization. At the end of the day, someone could be utilized 150% and get a lot of work started but nothing done that’s usable,” explains Stacey Ackerman of Agilify. “In order to set up teams for success in agile marketing, roles need to become more generalized. Sure, the graphic designer will be the primary person that does that work, but maybe others on the team can pitch in and help. In agile marketing, we call this becoming a ‘T-shaped’ player, meaning you have a primary skill and two other skills that you can help with when needed for the team to meet its’ goals.”

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Will traditional PPC agencies die out in the age of automation?

Sponsored Content by Adzooma

Technology and automation have already affected our everyday lives in so many ways and it’s going to have a major impact on PPC too. One company says “bring it on!”

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Social Shorts

Twitter releases a “how-to guide” for marketers

Twitter has published a 30-page Agency Playbook, created as a “how-to guide” for marketers, social media managers and community managers on the platform. “In each chapter, you’ll find insightful tips for every stop of the game, from the very people behind Twitter Business,” writes Twitter’s Michelle Lee on the company’s business blog 

The playbook offers tips on combining organic and paid Twitter strategies, creating effective profiles and crafting engaging Tweets. It also includes data-backed cased studies and a breakdown of Twitter’s ad offerings, targeting options, creative ad specs and analytic tools provided by the platform. 

“The ins-and-outs of our various campaign types, advanced interest-based targeting tools, creative ad specs, and analytics are all laid out here to eliminate confusion and consolidate the necessary, must-have information in one place,” writes Lee. 

You can find a download of playbook here: Twitter Agency Playbook.

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