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Keeping up with the turbulent world of advanced digital advertising can be challenging. From the mergers and acquisitions impacting daily ad operations to industry advances to clean up the media supply chain, both advertisers and publishers are facing new obstacles, solutions, and regulations. But how are these changes affecting the digital ecosystem? And what can advertisers expect in ad tech for the year to come?

We put together a roundup of the top trends shaping ad tech in 2019 to help us all understand what we can expect (and possibly look forward to) in the coming year. Ad tech players will be able to take advantage of emerging capabilities that are driven more and more by a customer-first approach grounded in privacy, brand experience, and standardization. In the next year, advertisers should expect changes like increased investment in creative quality and tighter measurement standards to growing consolidation among media partners. Players on both the buy-side and sell-side are making strategic shifts as consumer behavior, digital regulations, and technical capabilities evolve at a record pace.

In other news, social media influencers now have an advertising disclosure guide of their own, courtesy of the Federal Trade Commission. The FTC document and accompanying video, released Tuesday, aims to inform influencers on how and when they are required to disclose sponsorships to their followers to comply with federal law. The guide offers a reference for how, when, and where ad disclosures might be necessary – for example, posts made on behalf of your brand by an influencer should appear with a hashtag such as #advertisement, #ad or #sponsored.

There’s more to read below, including an update on Facebook’s latest data breach, and what the platform is doing to expand encryption to Messenger. 

Taylor Peterson,
Deputy Editor

Pro Tip

Don’t add new services reactively

“When a client asks to add a new service to their account, it’s usually an easy upsell… unless they’ve requested a service your agency doesn’t currently offer,” explains SMX East speaker Karl Sakas of Sakas & Company. “That’s when many agency leaders fall into panic mode. Not wanting to lose the account, they automatically respond: ‘Yes, we can do that!’ The problem? They have no idea how they’ll actually fulfill what they promised. This is when you should consider delivery model options.”

“Explore what it would take to deliver the work profitably. If you can’t do the work well, be honest about your lack of experience; it’s OK to bow out. You don’t always have to hire a new employee to add a new service. In fact, a current employee or freelancer might already have the skills to fulfill the new billable service. If you don’t have an appropriate resource already, you have several options: Refer your client to a trusted partner; fulfill the work via an outsourced ‘white label’ firm; or hire one or more new employees to do the work.”

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It’s time to change your content marketing workflow

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60% of your marketing content is delayed by your process – from ideas to approvals, the content and messages you’re creating aren’t seeing the light of day. The Academy has just published a series of six free videos to give marketing content managers a better way to work and to help them do what they do best – create content.

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Social Shorts

Another day, another data leak for Facebook

Facebook confirms Groups data breach caused by API bug. The company said that private Groups member information – such as names and profile pictures – might have been accessed by approximately 100 partner developers from video streaming and social media management apps. According to Facebook, developers that may have accessed group members’ information after the Groups API restrictions were announced in April 2018 will be asked to delete member data that might have been retained. There has been no evidence of abuse discovered so far, Facebook said. 

Expanding Messenger encryption, despite warnings. On Wednesday, Reuters reported that Facebook plans to expand encryption across its Messenger platform, despite warnings from regulators and government officials that the enhanced security will help protect pedophiles and other criminals. The plans were announced at the Web Summit tech conference in Lisbon earlier this week. Executives told Reuters they plan to detail safety measures, including stepped-up advisories for recipients of unwanted content. The changes have gained the support of civil rights groups and technology experts globally. 


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