Good morning, making any marketing tool purchases this week?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the biggest shopping holidays of the year for consumers – but it’s also a great time for digital marketers, small business owners and agile teams to snag martech tools at a bargain. From steep discounts on popular SaaS tools to special offers on professional courses, we’ve rounded up a few Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for marketers like you. Some of the highlights include Adobe’s 40% discount for individual Creative Cloud plans, SocialPilot’s 20% off lifetime deal for new users, and Digital Marketing Institute’s 30% off courses.

Building and implementing effective CX strategy isn’t easy, and the larger an organization is, the more difficult it becomes to get all departments united on the CX front. The good news: implementing a relatively simple set of CX initiatives can set your company apart from the competition. A recent survey from customer experience platform Medallia shows that the CX leaders thriving in B2B industries have a formal process to collect customer feedback and hold multiple departments accountable for their customer experience efforts. The survey identified three distinct CX practices that differentiated the “leaders” from the “laggards,” which found that CX leaders are more likely to implement multiple digital listening tools, strategically leverage customer feedback and hold various departments accountable for the company’s overall CX efforts.

There’s much more to read below, including a Pro Tip on tagging your shopping campaigns for long term evaluation, and an update on what’s happening in social marketing news. 

Taylor Peterson,
Deputy Editor

Pro Tip

Carefully tag holiday shopping campaigns to evaluate YoY growth

“The unique constraints that small businesses face with advertising carry over to the holiday season, which is why knowing what you’re measuring is so important,” explains Amalia Fowler of Snaptech Marketing. “When evaluating the success of your campaign, stick with the metrics that were used the year prior in order to evaluate year-over-year growth. One note about analytics is that it is so important to tag and name your campaigns properly. Use UTM tags that align with not only the platform and type of ad, but the holiday season. You’re doing future you a big favor by tagging your campaigns and naming them in a way that allows for easy future comparisons.”

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What's a CDP? Does you company need one?

Learn the everything you need to know about customer data platforms. This report answers the following questions — What features do CDPs provide? What trends are driving the adoption of CDPs? Does your company need a CDP? — It also includes profiles of 25 leading vendors, capabilities comparisons, and recommended steps for evaluating and purchasing.

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Social Shorts

Chrome extension shows Instagram Likes, Facebook tests “Favorites,” Snapchat couples up with Verizon

Return of the Like? Instagram is still testing hiding Likes – but a new Chrome extension from SocialInsider wants to give users the ability to view them again. Once added to your Chrome browser, the extension displays the number of likes and comments for any post on Instagram. The installation terms state that user data is not shared with Socialinsider servers.

Facebook tests a feature similar to ‘Close Friends.’ Rumor has it the social network is experimenting with a new option that allows users to share their Facebook and Messenger Stories with a “Favorite” group of friends – rather than sharing with everyone. The feature bears a striking resemblance to Instagram’s ‘Close Friends’ feature, which adds a layer of privacy and speed for users who choose to share content with only a select group. 

Snapchat to be preloaded on some Verizon phones. Last week, Verizon and Snap announced a partnership that involves Verizon preloading the Snapchat app onto some of its 5G phones as part of a campaign promoting the 5G network. Snap will give Verizon ad placement in its Snap Originals programming, and it will also work with Verizon’s 5G Labs to build augmented reality experiences for live events and Verizon marketing activations. As Snapchat makes efforts to ramp up its AR capabilities (with plans to eventually roll out a wearable component), Verizon’s 5G speeds coupled with Snapchat’s audience reach could make the brand’s AR aspirations a reality. Get ready, advertisers.


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