Good morning, Marketers, let’s revisit the 5 M’s of marketing technologists. 

Earlier this year, martech expert Scott Brinker developed a taxonomy of the roles within marketing and marketing operations known as the “5 M’s.” We recently dug into why one of the M’s – the ‘modelers’ (also known as the data experts of martech) – is so essential to marketing right now. 

You can read that story here, but in the meantime here’s a look at Brinker’s 5 M’s. Where do you fit in? 

Marketers – The tech-savvy, data-driven operators that perform the daily marketing functions and have the most knowledge of marketing platforms and their efficiency; 

Maestros – The ‘orchestrators’ of the martech stack, those who are the producers of the technology and tools in the martech department, and also specialized in processes and workflows.

Makers – The builders on the team, usually for external audiences, building everything from websites, interactive web apps, mobile delivery, chatbots, and more. Makers often work with engineers and developers, as well as IT and project management departments; 

Modelers – The data scientists and sophisticated data engineers that are usually in more internal-facing roles who dig deep into data and technological capabilities like running AI models for machine learning. Normally found at an enterprise level, connecting dots between martech functions and their value.

Managers – The position that sits above the organization of a martech team. Found at larger corporate entities, often acts as a go-between with other departments, including sales, IT, and project management. 

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