Good morning, Marketers, have you ever heard the phrase ‘paralysis by analysis’? 

Or as a marketer, perhaps you’ve lived it. It’s what happens when a team becomes so focused on the granular details and the process that actual progress crawls to a halt. 

“Because marketers’ jobs often depend on “getting it right,” we’ve become process-driven and risk-averse,” writes agile expert Stacey Ackerman. “Then the pandemic hit, and digital strategy accelerated by six years.”

Instead of mulling over concepts and debating the details, Ackerman says marketers need to accept imperfections and experiment by doing. In her latest piece on Marketing Land, she offers three ways to make your agility during the pandemic a foundational tool for the long term

One stand-out tip? Value experimentation over getting it right. Take note, marketers. 

Taylor Peterson,
Deputy Editor


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Establishing brand loyalty with Gen Z

Research from Snap and Kantar shows that Gen Z has a high rate of brand preference based on their likelihood to prefer 1-3 brands above others across a number of categories such as athletic apparel, haircare and luxury apparel. 

Why we care. There are 1.2 billion Gen Zers — teens and young adults ages 15-24 — by their brand preferences influence their own purchases as well as those of their households. For marketers aiming to reach this audience, the research underscores the importance of understanding the values that will motivate Gen Z audiences to strongly prefer your brand over the competition.


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