Good morning, how has your martech role changed throughout the pandemic? 

Across just about every industry, brands and organizations have had to make massive pivots to deal with shifting priorities brought by COVID-19. In the martech world, that means record demand for some companies – while others have seen business grind to a halt.

“When the pandemic broke out we saw people freeze in place and being asked not to spend money so there was not a lot of technology activity going on,” said Anita Brearton, CEO of CabinetM during a recent episode of Martech Live.

Overnight digital transformations made certain marketing tactics obsolete. Direct mail, for example, was experiencing a resurgence in the B2B world until remote work ended corporate mailing. Corporate IP addresses have also become less relevant, challenging marketers to wrangle new data and identify emerging behaviors that didn’t necessarily exist before. 

How does it all impact your work as a marketer? Watch the full MarTech Live replay with Anita Brearton, where she discusses the role of marketing operations during the COVID pandemic.

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Social Shorts

YouTube launches Shorts

YouTube announced the beta launch of Shorts yesterday. Creators can record and edit short (15-sec. max) videos on their mobile phones with a multi-segment camera, the ability to add music from a library, speed controls and a timer. The beta version of Shorts is rolling out in India to start. YouTube is encouraging creators to upload their existing short videos to the platform now. To help shorts gain traction, YouTube has been displaying a carousel of short videos on the homepage.

Why we care. Everyone wants their slice of TikTok’s magic that has made it a magnet for prolific creators, highly engaged audiences — and brands that want in. (Instagram launched Reels earlier this summer.) Yesterday, YouTube also introduced the ability to swipe vertically to keep watching shorts once they click on that carousel — yep, just like TikTok. 


How to add connected TV to your holiday ad strategy

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Connected TV is great at getting your brand in front of new audiences. That’s because it uses audience-first targeting, just like a digital ad channel like social or display. For example, SteelHouse Performance TV leverages the Oracle Date Cloud (the world’s largest CTV audience provider) to give advertisers access to tens of thousands of audience segments. 

Shoppers tend to seek out brands they’re already familiar with when it’s time to buy, so reaching them early in the shopping season is key. Sort your targeting by demographic data, interests, or even geography to find your ideal audience, then pair those audiences with “in-market” segments to ensure you’re targeting shoppers who are looking to buy. 

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Webinar: Unlock Business Growth With Compelling Product Experiences

Leading enterprises know the importance of offering dynamic, satisfying customer experiences. But current market conditions are forcing everyone to evolve faster, making the ability to leverage product information management (PIM) to deliver engaging product experiences *key* in order to scale and grow for both B2C and B2B. Learn how the current landscape has led to rapid digital transformation for online retailers to manage product information and how to build compelling product experiences that fuel good customer experiences.

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