Good morning, this one goes out to the podcasters in the group. 

Search Engine Land yesterday reported that Google has launched Google Podcast Manager, a tool that gives marketers insights into how many impressions and clicks their show is getting in Google search.

We’re all seeing first hand how podcasts and video-based programming is exploding during the pandemic, as marketers see the medium as an engaging digital channel on which to build their brands.

Of course, we’re biased about how seriously you should take search traffic, but it seems this is a good addition to the reporting suite for any audio or video content marketer.

Henry Powderly
VP, Content



Prime Day 2020 likely to be a(nother) record-breaker

The second and final day of Prime Day 2020 is now underway. U.S. sales on are estimated to top $6.17 billion and global sales will soar well above previous years to $9.91 billion, according to Emarketer. The research firm notes this is the first time Amazon is running Prime Day in Brazil and Turkey. The biggest difference this Prime Day, of course, is he October instead of July timing duie to the pandemic. 

Why we care. Prime Day in October gives retailers an early start to and outlook on the holiday season. With so many supply chain challenges this year, including challenges getting inventory to Amazon, many merchants may face holiday stock-outs. Marketers will need to pay close attention to inventory levels when managing advertising and promotional campaigns. 


Nielsen Annual Marketing Report: Learn how marketers’ trust in digital drives spend, despite challenges

Nielsen surveyed over 350 marketers from around the globe and found that enthusiasm for digital was tempered by severe data quality issues and measurement challenges. Many of you feel you don’t have the right tools to measure and compare the ROI of your ad campaigns across all the channels you use. Download the “Nielsen Annual Marketing Report: The Age of Dissonance” to learn why marketers hold digital channels to a different standard than traditional channels

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CTV and B2B: 3 reasons why Connected TV advertising is primed for B2B

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There’s nothing wrong with wanting to deploy tactics and strategies that work. But if everyone’s following the same playbook, then you risk getting lost in the shuffle; you’re just another booth at the event or email in a prospect’s inbox. That said, if the key motivation of the B2B mindset is to put results above all else, then that provides you a different option. 

That option is Connected TV advertising. It’s made a splash in the B2C world because it has given advertisers a data-fueled way to run ads on television. CTV advertising’s targeting and measurement capabilities have made it a vital, direct-response tool for many marketers. And those same advantages translate seamlessly to B2B—while simultaneously giving you a way to cut through the usual B2B clutter.

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Pro Tip

How to make your data sing

“Just like in the marketing world, the easiest way to grab someone’s attention and make your message sing is with imagery. Take all that great data in your mega table, and turn it into an easy to understand graph, or when necessary, simplified data tables. Even better, (if you can) turn it into interactive graphs. During your presentation, don’t be afraid to interact with your data.  With some guidance, your audience can dive into the data they are most interested in.”

-SEO Consultant Alan K’necht


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Mailchimp & Co launches

Mailchimp, the marketing platform dedicated to small and growing businesses, has announced the launch of Mailchimp & Co, a community of more than 35,000 individual freelance practitioners and agencies. Providing impetus was the recognition that over 40% of service providers within the Mailchimp ecosystem are freelancers. What’s more, over a third of Mailchimp customers outsourced work to a freelancer or agency within the past year.

The community will serve as a resource for small businesses to find trusted partners who will help them grow. Freelancers and agencies within the community will have access to Mailchimp training and resources. The community offers event boards where freelancers and agency representatives can meet and engage with their peers, expand their competences, and earn rewards.


Twilio’s acquisition of Segment will support collection of digital data

Communication APIs vendor Twilio has entered into an agreement to acquire Segment for $3.2 billion in an all stock deal. Segment is a customer data infrastructure vendor, although it categorizes itself as a CDP.

Twilio is a cloud-based provider of developer tools which allow phone and messaging channels to be embedded in apps. Last year, Twilio completed the acquisition of SendGrid, which provided similar technology for emails. Segment would add the ability to capture customer data across these channels and move it through pipelines to third party systems — analytics platforms, for example, or CRMs. 

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Quote of the Day

“We can’t go back to normal. [Brands] have to see this as an opportunity to be more meaningful to people.” Brian Solis, Salesforce.