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In today’s newsletter we have a few updates from major ABM platforms, which is important as B2B marketers especially focus more on key accounts. For some, an ABM platform is an essential tool. For others, an ABM playbook can be run with a host of connected platforms. How does your organization handle ABM? Let us know at

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Why Pinterest moved beyond CTR to understand ad engagement

Relying on a straight click-through rate metric to understand how ads are resonating has its shortcomings, explained Pinterest engineers in a blog post this week. Those shortcomings include not accounting for ad position bias, users’ Save or Hide actions and brand awareness objectives. 

Instead, Pinterest explains, it developed a User Metric defined as Weighted Engagement on Ads [Clicks, Saves, Hides, etc.]  / Weighted Engagement on Neighboring Organic Content [To account for position bias]. In the table above, the team shows examples of how the “new metric better reflects user engagement,” says Pinterest. (Blue is statistically significant positive, red statistically significant negative, grey is neutral.)

Why we care. While the post illustrates how the new metric helps Pinterest better account for user satisfaction with ads as it continually runs new experiments, understanding how platforms consider and account for ad quality (such as Google Ads’ Quality Score and Ad Rank), can be very helpful in informing how to interpret your own campaign metrics — and help you optimize your campaigns toward your own goals.


Webinar: 3 Ways the CMO and the CFO Can Become BFFs

Marketing teams that are able to excel at spend management, financial agility, and optimized planning will be the ones that set themselves apart in 2021. In this webinar, we’ll break down the three key areas where marketers can strengthen the relationship between the CMO and the CFO to continue to grow the business at scale. Join our experts and learn the importance of proper spend management how to best calculate customer value and build financial acumen.

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Terminus acquires psychographic intelligence firm

ABM platform Terminus has announced the acquisition of GrowFlare, a predictive data service provider that uses psychographic intelligence to help brands prioritize accounts and identify lookalike accounts. 

GrowFlare uses psychographics (the study and classification of people according to psychological criteria) to better understand target accounts’ intent signals and propensity to buy, as well as identifying new accounts by comparing their psychographic profiles with existing accounts.

It also makes it possible to segment accounts based on psychographic as well as firmographic, relationship, and intent data.

Why we care. Further refining the ability to identify promising or in-market accounts — at scale — should strengthen the foundations of Terminus customers’ ABM strategies.


Building connections between siloed channels, technologies and teams

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Oftentimes, when we visualize the perfect buyer’s journey, we’re looking at it from a marketer’s perspective, imagining what we’re trying to achieve with our initiatives. But, ultimately, the definition of the perfect journey is in the eye of the buyer. The buyer doesn’t really care about your programs, your channels or what technologies you’re using, they’re just trying to get enough information to make a purchase decision.

We recently spoke to Integrate CMO Deb Wolf about the perfect buyer’s journey and the obstacles marketing teams face when trying to deliver the ideal customer experience. In the lightly-edited conversation, Wolf shares specific tips for building connections between siloed channels, technologies and teams, as well as the reasons why this is so important today.

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Demandbase launches Demandbase One

Demandbase may be perceived by some as an expensive, enterprise-only ABM platform, but it’s unquestionably one of the most recognized names in the space. Five months ago, it essentially acknowledged that it was not an end-to-end solution by acquiring Engagio. Demandbase was skilled at discovering in-market accounts and targeting them with advertising; Engagio offered ways to orchestrate the journey through the middle and lower part of the funnel. It seemed a good fit.

Barely five months later Demandbase this week announced the launch of Demandbase One, a platform which incorporates Demandbase and Engagio solutions. Demandbase One will use not just proprietary and third-party data, but clients’ first-party data, with the aim of providing a comprehensive view of target accounts, and Engagio-derived orchestration capabilities to steer deals to closing.

As for the speed of the integration, Jon Miller, Demandbase Chief Product Officer (and co-founder of Engagio and Marketo) said: “There was very little redundant or overlapping technology that we needed to reconcile. “We were able to take the mature Engagio platform, take all the Demandbase technology, and integrate it into that in a way that was very straightforward.”

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Quote of the Day

“When we fail to address data quality, first and upfront before it hits your database, the out-of-pocket, hidden, and professional costs are real. It’s expensive, it burns resources, and it delivers crappy experiences when you’re marketing is off the mark.” Scott Vaughan, Chief Growth Officer, Integrate.