Good morning, Marketers, and welcome back.

The finish line for 2020 is near. Doesn’t that feel good to say?

We’ve got a few things today, including a replay of our MarTech Live discussions on ABM and DAM, a look at a new app that helps consumers earn money from their data, and a new social media network launched for BIPOC individuals.

Henry Powderly,
VP, Content

Social Short

Snapchat promotes its TikTok rival feed Spotlight on Twitter

Along with the announcement last week, Snapchat began promoting its new Spotlight feed on Twitter. Aimed squarely at TikTok, Snapchat’s Spotlight promoted posts highlight the curation of “the best of Snapchat” for users and the potential monetary reward for creators whose videos are chosen. TikTok also is no stranger to advertising on Twitter. 

Why we care. Snapchat is investing heavily in Spotlight to draw creator and user engagement in the face of TikTok’s rapid growth. The strategy is to pay creators whose Spotlight videos catch on. Any user can submit videos for Spotlight consideration, regardless of following, for a chance at a share of the $1 million daily lottery.


Webinar: Marketers’ Best Tool in 2021---Why Identity is Key to Picking Up Pieces When Cookies Crumble

2020 is nearly complete. A year that brought unprecedented change has left marketers facing what could be an equally uncertain 2021. With additional challenges, such as the deprecation of the third-party cookie, marketers are now looking to future-proof their strategies with a renewed focus on consumer identity. Join this webinar and learn how to leverage 1st, 2nd, and 3rd-party data to focus on your organization’s future consumer identity data strategy and find new ways to maximize reach across channels and devices.

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Digital Transformation

On ABM and DAM

If you missed the last two episodes of our live video conversations, they’re now available on demand. The aim has been to take front-of-mind issues for marketers, and set them in the context of hands-on practice and operationalization.

In that spirit, check out the discussion on operationalizing ABM with consultant Pam Didner, and former analyst-current practitioner Gil Canare.  Follow that with a wild ride through the world of digital asset management featuring a leading DAM consultant, Mark Davey, and the guy who manages the vast image resources of the Union of European Football Associations, Paul Murphy.


SMX kicks off next week!

Join 1,000+ search marketers online Dec. 8-9 for SMX – actionable search marketing tactics, community networking, forward-thinking keynotes, and more — just $249!

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How to ensure customers know you care

Sponsored by Pegasystems

It may be a hard truth for us best-intentioned marketers to swallow, but two-thirds of customers believe that marketers do not care about their needs.

That’s according to a survey of 5,000 individuals by Pega. And when you look at what marketers face, it is easy to see how that kind of sentiment takes root.

“Think about the scale of your business,” said Andrew LeClair, senior product marketing manager at Pegasystems. “You’re trying to manage literally billions of interactions, with millions of customers, across hundreds and hundreds of programs, on dozens and dozens of channels — and that’s a lot of complexity. And unfortunately, that complexity leaves us exposed. There’s not a lot of chances for us to get it right, but there’s a ton of opportunities for things to go wrong, and it only takes one poor experience and the customer is out the door.”

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New social media network launched for BIPOC community

Jefferi K. Lee, former VP of BET Networks, is set to launch a new social media app at the beginning of 2021. RepItSocial is targeted at individuals in the Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) community. With annual spending power well over $13 trillion, One of Lee’s, D’Oyen Fraser, said in a statement: “This social media network embodies the fresh mindset, voice, and energy of this new generation.“ 

“BIPOC is not just a group of people, it is a movement, an awakening across the globe that we are more powerful together,” Lee said. “The timing is ripe for a new kind of social network—one that acknowledges the shared experiences, lifestyle and culture of BIPOC.” It’s also a community which spends some $13 trillion on products and services annually. 

Why we care. RepItSocial has the potential to become an important new channel for reaching an important audience. 


How consumers can earn money from their data

We caught up with Killi, a web and mobile app created with the aim of compensating consumers for the use of their data. The app has been around for a couple of years, but there were some early missteps, CEO Neil Sweeney admits: “There was a bit of a disconnect: you should be compensated for your data, and by the way, here’s a survey.” Enriching the first-party data with information from surveys wasn’t viable — something Sweeney wishes he had figured out faster.

Instead, Killi adopted a “set it and forget it” passive model, where consumers select what they want to share, and then that data is available to Killi clients. Participants receive a Killi Paycheck — an automatic weekly deposit to their Killi wallet reflecting the data they’re willing to give up. 

Killi also just announced a partnership with enterprise data-streaming company Narrative. Killi already has direct integrations with MediaMath, LiveRamp, Lotame, Adsquare and others. “Now we’re in Narrative. Every additional spot furthers our agenda of trying to get our data into places where people are currently buying data so that we can begin to turn that crank on moving the share from non-compliant to compliant data.”

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The outlook for CRM in a COVID and post-COVID world

CRMs have been around a long time now — in martech years at least. But they’ve had to withstand some challenges. For some brands and organizations, marketing automation is at the core of the martech stack; for others, a CDP is the single source of truth. We are taking a look at the state of CRM in 2020 and going forward.

For example, in addition to being able to capture information from any part of the customer journey, CRMs are now expected to help solve marketing issues. We took a look at how Insightly has added marketing automation to its mid-priced CRM solution, and how a leading enterprise CDP, ActionIQ, entered the CRM space after successfully providing a CDP solution to menswear brand UNTUCKit.

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